Makeup Bag Makeover and Application Lesson


Are you confused with all the products out there? Does your makeup drawer look like a storm blew in and dropped all the products from the department stores and drug stores into a big pile? When was the last time you organized your makeup bag? Samantha Nicole has just the right prescription to remedy that confusion. First, she will teach you how to choose products that are just right for you. Then she will go shopping with you to purchase your “best” products and will demonstrate how to apply them on your face. This is followed up with a complete makeup bag makeover.

This service includes an initial consultation, reviewing your current products and then shopping together for the perfect makeup for your taste and color palette. This comprehensive makeup lesson includes choosing your brushes and other applicators, concealers, foundation and color palettes. Since Samantha Nicole does not have loyalty to any particular brand, she will help you find a variety of brands that suit your particular needs and desires.

At the end of the makeover, you will have learned how to achieve your ideal day and night looks. Your makeup bag will be stocked with the best products that work for your looks. There is one comprehensive fee for consultation, makeup recommendation, shopping experience, makeup lesson and makeup bag makeover.